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Daddy x child male reader lemon

Jughead will be classified as Demisexual in this fic which falls under the asexuality spectrum. Let me know if you liked it! Requests are Welcome! Shaking your head again, you pull at his hair to pull him closer.

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I can teach you. He moves them down your neck to your collarbone as his hands run down your torso to grab the end of your shirt. Part 2. Did I fall headfirst in love with your writing? Fuck yeah!! You are so freaking amazing and a talented writer how do you even exist wtffff?? I might give you guys a little treat if I remember. I keep forgetting I have this blog. I mainly write over on my RP blogs now.

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Uploading all my fics to AO3 so I can delete this blog. Any old or New stuff will be posted there. Request : can i request a fic where cheryl is the one to discover jughead sleeping somewhere dodgy like, under a bench or something one night? I recently bought a new laptop just for the purpose of writing more so here I am.

This story has literally been in my drafts for a couple months. Please bare with me! She pulls her curls up in a ponytail and grabs her bag from the gym floor. The redhead shakes her head as she makes her way to the locker rooms. Cheryl frowns.

daddy x reader

None of the football team ever comes in this early. But she shakes it off to pull on her dress and heels. Keep reading. As she makes her way to the wall surrounding the property, a memory hits her full force. Images of them climbing the wall to sneak in and out of the house. Him telling her to be careful while she rolls her eyes at him. His laughter rings in her ears as she pulls herself up.

She remembers her falling off once and his laughter as he watched her just lay there with a dramatic pout. Tears filled her eyes as she straddles it. Her heart ached for him. She missed him. She swings her leg over and jumps, landing gracefully on the other side from experience. The memory fading from her vision. She makes her way through the garden. Memories of water fights and planting roses with him. Long talks and secrets filled the bushes.Warnings: Iss smut, my dudes.

Breeding kinkdaddy kink is only two-ish linesand not in That way. Comeplayand talks about pregnancy. I missed filth.

Also, blame a few people for this. Title from Lips by The xx. Please let me know what you think! From the plate of golden waffles and steaming cup of coffee in front of you to the clear blue eyes smiling at you from across the table. Normal, expected— except for the question.

Those blue eyes shift somewhere over your shoulder and back. A sip of coffee, deliberate. A quick shrug, and a forkful of light, fluffy waffles drenched in syrup.

Your throat seems caught in it, cloyingly sweet like the taste of pink lips this morning. Keep reading. Harry in his heat. Beauty Papers Magazine smut just to make you lose your minds a bit more. Smutty, angry, filthy makeup sex. Cozy cottage sex. Drunk, cuddly Harry. Harry wakes up with a hard cock. Harry turned Dom. Mornings in the Styles Household.

Mistaken Porn. Just some cute shit to make you even softer for Harry 3. Just some cute shit to make you even softer for Harry 2. Just some cute shit to make you even softer for Harry. Gateway into part 2 of Professor!

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Giggly sex with Harry. All Niall fic. Harry long-ish smutty blurb. Harry part 2.Post a Comment. Athours notes Ok, let's pretend that Dumbledore didn't die, he was simply injured.

So they went to find the horcruxes to make sure that Voldemort didn't come back. Changes things a little, eh? I sighed, looking out the window, as I was thinking about my brother and his friends. They were going after the Horcruxes, and Harry refused to let me go with. I'm bored out of my mind, currently living at Weasely Wizard Wheezes with the twins.

daddy x child male reader lemon

It was still vacation, after all. I quickly grabbed my things and rushed to the stating, Fred and George in tow. They waved as I boarded the train. I smiled.

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We made small talk on the way to school, and I headed to the girl's dorms after dinner, which was entirely uneventful, and plopped down on my bed. I glared at her. Don't be like that! I frowned. I don't know how many years older than me! Theres no way it would ever work! I agreed and laid down. The next day, I had changed into my Hogwarts uniform.

I pulled on my skirt, did my hair, and left for class. I had Potions with Professor Slughorn first. I didn't mind Snape being professor, but I'm glad that he got the job he wanted. We made some potion, I didn't even catch the name, I just let Addison do it for me, and walked out of class once dismissed. I walked to DADA, and tried to find my next victim. Draco Malfoy Ok, I know he doesn't go there anymore, but get over it, k?

I smirked when he walked into the room. Once he got right where I needed him, I drobbed a dung bomb on him. He turned and glared at me, while I just looked around, whistling. Potter, detention, tonight at eight. Addison looked at me with a sympathetic look. I just rolled my eyes. Tonight was not going to be fun. After the rest of the classes, and dinner, I was headed to the girls dorms to get changed. Addison had already laid my clothes out for me.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Undertale.

Sans had always thought you were a strange human. Whether it was the fact that you came out of nowhere to save Frisk from Flowey or that you emanated a strange glow from your left eye when you fought the yellow flower.

It had reminded him of his own powers, but for a human to possess such strength perplexed him. You not only possessed the power to conjure up weapons made from your soul, but you also had your own version of a Gaster Blaster. Sans knew you were human, you just had to be. But something still didn't add up. He felt as if you were familiar to him, yet you've never been in any timelines before now.

There was no information about you no matter where he looked. Sans has even tried to ask you a few times, but you've always given the excuse that you don't remember, or gave Sans an uneasy glance before laughing it off. He knew you were hiding your past. It has been about a year since your unexpected arrival. A year since you helped Frisk free all monsters from the underground. It's been that long and Sans has yet to find out anything about you, or find enough courage to finally confess to you.

Ever since you two met, he felt warmth where his heart would be. The only problem is that you always seem to distance yourself from everyone. Although you are usually a very friendly person, sometimes it was just impossible to converse with the other monsters. Sans never knew why, so it was always hard for him to try and confess his feelings. He was at Grillby's famous restaurant.

At the moment Grillby seemed to show a look of concern, in which Sans waved off as he took another swig of the condiment.

Sans had gone to the bar in hopes of drowning his stress in ketchup, but it only seemed to make him think more about the human male. Being slightly tipsy and a little more than done for the day, Sans decided to stumble back to his shared home and sleep. His brother, Papyrus, was probably over at Undyne's at the moment. As Sans sloppily made it into the house, his intoxicated eye sockets landed on the lounging male. Said person felt a presence nearby and took a glance at the short skeleton before returning to the television.

He lazily mumbled out a hello followed by a loud yawn. Sans watched the cute pink tongue curl slightly as the other yawned, almost tempted to gently bite at it with his own teeth. You alright there? He couldn't concentrate on the flashing lights on the tv, instead Sans snuck glances at the human male beside him.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

His left eye kept flickering blue and his hands were shaking from the sheer willpower of holding back on not taking the male then and there. He's been noticing this behavior for the past few weeks, and in all honesty, the feverish look Sans gives him sends shivers down his spine.

He took Sans' skull gently into both of his hands and pressed his lips to the skeleton's teeth. A mix between a moan and an animalistic growl escaped through Sans' mouth while he desperately pushed back into the kiss. It slipped through his open lips and tangled with the stunned male's own tongue. He shivered at the coolness of Sans' hands as they teased his nipples and rubbed at his hips. That earned him several moans and caused Sans to suddenly pin the male beneath him.

Sans slightly pulled down his own shorts to reveal a very big and brightly glowing dick.Originally posted by justpennywise. Posts Likes Following Come float with us Archive. Pennywise x reader Hey! This is a request from: ashleywinchester69 Can you do a headcannon with pennywise finding his lover wants kids? Have a great day! Penny, feel free to ask because this was so fun to write!!

Love you all and take care, I hope you all have a happy new year! Originally posted by justpennywise Pennywise x reader - finding out you want a child When Pennywise realised you wanted a kid, Was when you were babysitting the neighbours 4 month old.

Stormy Weather Stories - ASMR - Hannah Annafellows x Listener

You fawned over the child, loved it, cuddled it, you were so happy. But you were wrong, Because pennywise chose earth, For its fertile women. Penny started to hint at having a child with you, Which started with baby toys appearing, All around the sewers, The neibolt house.

This happened for weeks, Pennywise had seemed to stop killing, Younger children and going for teens, In an attempt to prove himself to you, That he could be a father to your child, His child.

And then, one day, you found a crib, In a cleaned and done up room in the neibolt house. Your heart hammered, knees shaking, You turn to see Pennywise at the door, Holding another baby toy, not expecting you.

At that, Penny sweeps you up In a hungry kiss, And you start trying for a baby. When he found out you were pregnant, He was out of this world with happiness. He starts to get stuff ready for the baby, Getting he or she toys, rattles, beds, everything. When you start to feed your child, Pennywise gets confused, watching like a lost puppy. Always holding the baby protectively, After you teach him how to hold your child correctly.

daddy x child male reader lemon

Because he needed to take care of his family. Back with new Pennywise art! I tried to make a cover photo for IT 2. I failed. Made in Source Filmmaker, by the way. See this in the app Show more. Top Photos. Recently Liked.I ran to the office and pushed Jeremy. Mangle smiled up at him. She stared at him a little bit longer, before breaking into a big grin and hugging him, gigging slightly. I nosebleed with Jeremy at the office, I record everything.

Follow my new account ask-security-guards.

daddy x child male reader lemon

And Followers! Kitty - Since she was an experiment in a science project many side effects came with it, including Schizophrenia, Split Personality and not being able to get pregnant.

Chris: oh… Unknown like Kitty? Posts Likes Is there something you want to tell or ask us? Submit a post Archive. That's right. It's smut, don't like it. Anonymous asked: "Hey Mangle!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Whats up? On the ceiling. She thought for a moment. Her eyes widened in excitement. She smiled. I saw when Bon Bon was kissing my sis check, I took a picture without they noticing. He gently put Mangle on the table and started to repair her.

She smiled up at him.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

Work Search: tip: words After Amanda's surprise graduation party, and especially after Craig's confession at their camping trip, Luca Dhaliwal starts to feel something that might hurt his new b r oyfriend, and himself. After enjoying the fair, Craig has a surprise for Dadsona. It's something that they'll cherish and look forward to every summer. You can never truly expect what to happen when you or someone else is drunk. Either way, it can make for some good memories to remember by.

As happy as I am to spend time with my girls for the holidays, I…". Craig doesn't mind having some sugar if he hasn't met his caloric intake of the day. But he may just drown in all the sweetness that his bro gives him.

And honestly, I think he's okay with that. Based on Taylor Swift's newest album called Lover. Lyrics and track names adjusted to fit the story. Sean Dadsona XCraig Cahn. Well maybe caught up is an under estimate Dadsona shipped with all the dads, in different chapters. Not polyamory. Main theme is, as said in the title, being insecure and coping with it.

Requests and Prompts accepted. Why are my hot neighbors standing outside my door what the fuck, they're wearing suits? Oliver had been in Maple bay for a year now, Amanda was off at College and he was settled into his job at the local Welfare office and everything was going well until he found a file with a familiar surname on it.

Joseph had tried to make the most of what was left of his marriage he had no idea what was happening right underneath his nose. Now both rely on the rest of the dads to give them the love and support they need.

Michael might just be a little bit more than fucked up, but what do you expect from an at-home-dad who gets the bills paid by moonlighting as a prostitute and stripper? It's a simple job, but he needs to make sure no one finds out about his lucrative past, especially his regular customer, and now new next door neighbor, Joseph Christiansen.

But things becomes a little bit more complicated when things go south after Joseph's birthday party at the strip joint he works at. When I was younger and discovered that I was an omega, my plan was simple. Find an alpha or a beta and fall in love. Give them children and not have to worry about getting jumped by other alphas once I was claimed. Spend the rest of my life with them, raising our children.

Not have to worry about everything.

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